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SABFOIL. tutta la gamma aggiornata con Red Devil, Medusa Pru, Razor Pro e piantoni e fusoliere Piuma

SABFOIL. tutta la gamma aggiornata con Red Devil, Medusa Pru, Razor Pro e piantoni e fusoliere Piuma

  • In the first part of this article, you will find a selection of kits that I personally recommend based on the experience I have gained over the past few years as user as well as retailer.
  • In the second part you will find a complete description of the Sabfoil catalog (wings, kits, fuselages, and masts) and indications on compatibility between components.

Hydrofoil 100% made in Italy

Sabfoil is an Italian brand founded in 2015, leader in the hydrofoil market for wing, kite, windsurf, surf, and SUP. In addition to being a true pioneer, what sets Sabfoil apart from the competition is that the entire production process takes place in its own factory in Italy, on the Romagna Riviera.

The complete independence from Asian manufacturing companies has allowed Sabfoil to follow and anticipate the trends of this new and constantly evolving sector, gaining an important and consolidated market share.

The Sabfoil 2023 catalog

The fundamental turning point in Sabfoil's offer came in the summer of 2022 with the introduction of the Kraken Modular System, with new masts and related fuselages.

For 2023, Sabfoil presents a reorganised and expanded catalog. The offer is truly comprehensive and detailed to satisfy and stimulate all type of hydrofoil enthusiasts.

The catalog is now divided in 7 main categories:







Red Devil

The division is not based on the sport but rather on the type of performance and style, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature that characterises the world of hydrofoil and in particular Sabfoil products.

Recommended kits

Before diving into the description of the new catalog, I would like to share with you the result of 7 years of experience using and retailing Sabfoil.

Below you will find the kits that I believe are the most suitable for each discipline and rider's level.

This is intended to be a general indication, which does not take into account your weight, physicality, and sports background.

If you want to receive personalized advice on which foil to choose, please contact me by email or via WhatsApp, or come and visit me in the store

If you don't find the kit you're looking for among those offered by Sabfoil and you want a custom-made kit, write me explaining your needs and I will do my best to make it happen!







What is KMS (Kraken Modular System)

KMS stands for Kraken Modular System and it describes the connection system between mast and board, no longer integrated into the mast, but an independent component.

The Kraken project is called "modular" because all the masts currently in the catalog can be configured with any type of board connections, choosing between:

Furthermore, all masts (excluding two Red Devil masts) are compatible with all Kraken fuselages, offering infinite possibilities of combinations and therefore performance.


Thanks to the Kraken Quick Release System (Q01K), you can leave the plate (or tuttle) connected to the board and remove the mast in just a few seconds using a single conical screw, with a few turns of the key and without losing your optimal configuration every time.

The Kraken Quick Release System (Q01K), even though very useful, it is not essential for the new KMS masts. However, it is included in all Sabfoil kits except for the Black Series.

Front wings and kits:

I find it helpful to divide the Sabfoil catalog into two groups based on type of connection between front wing and fuselage.

The first is made up of wings with medium-low AR (generally easier and more forgiving):

all compatible with the following fuselages:

The second group is composed of wings with high AR (dedicated to speed, require more experience):

that are compatible with fuselages:

The Red Devil family is Sabfoil's racing department dedicated exclusively to the racing world, making available to all hydrofoil enthusiasts gear usually reserved for pro athletes. It follows an independent path of constant development and enhancement of performance. Red Devil masts can be used on all Kraken fuselages, while Red Devil front wings are compatible only with Red Devil fuselages.


The Medusa wing family is derived from the legendary 799 wing by Balz Muller, which has raised the bar in wind foil and wing freestyle. These are medium-low aspect ratio wings with medium size, immediate take-off, extremely agile and responsive, excellent pop and a surprising top speed. They are ideal for freestyle and freeride kitesurfing, windsurfing, and winging.

The wings in the Medusa range are:

Medusa kits are:


The Tortuga range is composed of 4 wings:

The Tortuga family consists of low-AR wings that offer maximum lift and are extremely stable and predictable. They are ideal for beginners and those who want to progress quickly while having fun. Among them, we find two historic wings from Sabfoil: the 790 (a milestone in windsurfing foiling) and the 1100 (a reference wing for those starting winging). The Tortuga family offers kits for kitesurfing, winging, windsurfing, and SUP.

The following kits are available:


Wings with medium AR, mainly dedicated to the wave riding world (regardless the discipline). They are extremely manoeuvrable and have a short turning radius to make the most of the wave face. The kits in the Onda family are mainly designed for winging and surfing.

The Onda family includes 4 wings:

Proposed in 5 different kits:


Front wings with high aspect ratio, with medium and large sizes. They fly at very low speeds, have a very efficient glide and are particularly suitable for pumping, SUP foiling and winging in light winds. They are offered in kits with the 73P and 83P masts to enhance efficiency in pumping.

The wings that make up the Leviathan range are:

The Leviathan kits are:


The Sabfoil Blade family consists of high aspect ratio front wings, designed for high performance and speed. These wings are suitable for advanced riders who are looking for a responsive and precise wing. The Blade wings are available in various sizes, from small to large. The Blade wings are primarily designed for kite and wind foiling, but they can also be used for wing foiling and surfing in the right conditions. 

The Blade family offers two different kits, one dedicate to windsurfing and one to kitesurfing:


The Sabfoil Razor range consists of high-aspect ratio front wings that are designed for maximum speed and performance. These wings are ideal for advanced riders who are looking to push their limits and achieve the highest speeds possible. The Razor wings feature a thin profile and a relatively small surface area, which helps to reduce drag and increase overall speed.

The Razor range includes four different front wings, each with its own unique specifications and intended use:

There are 3 different Blade kits:

Red Devil

The Sabfoil Red Devil family is dedicated exclusively to racing mode, providing to all hydrofoil enthusiast gear usually intended for pro athletes. It features constant development and enhancement of performance.

Front wings and stabilizers

Three wings and one fuselage currently make up the Red Devil family. They are versatile wings used in windsurfing, kitesurfing, and winging:

The Red Devil wings are only compatible with Red Devil fuselages.

Masts and fuselages for Wing & Kitesurf

Two sizes of high modulus carbon masts dedicated to wing and kite foil racing:

For these masts, two fuselages can be chosen:

The wing-kite masts are available in the same two sizes, also in the version compatible with all Kraken fuselages, to allow those who already own a Sabfoil KMS kit to upgrade to a Red Devil mast.

Masts and fuselages for Windsurfing

Two Red Devil masts exclusively dedicated to windsurfing:

Compatible with Red Devile fuselages:

as well as all other Kraken fuselages.

The only kit offered is the KIT VENTO RED DEVIL 95636, approved for the PWA (Professional Windsurfing World Tour).

Black Series

There are 5 kits with a very competitive retail price, composed of the Black Series 83 KMS mast, which guarantees slightly lower performance than the standard mast. To keep the price low, the plate is made of aluminum and the bag and Quick Release System (Q01K) are not included.


The fuselages compatible with the new KMS wings are divided into two categories: those for medium-low AR wings and those for high AR wings.

The medium-low AR wings (Medusa, Tortuga, Onda, and Leviathan) are compatible with the following fuselages:

  • F663K (wing, surf, SUP, kite)
  • F703K (wing, surf, SUP, kite)
  • F753K (wing, SUP, windsurf)
  • F903K (windsurf)

While the following fuselages are compatible with all the front wings from the Razor and Blade lines:


The new KMS masts have a faster and smoother profile, significantly improving reliability, flex, torsion, and therefore efficiency. They are faster and  offer more responsive take-offs.

Two stiffer masts dedicated to pumping and 6 masts from the new Red Devil line dedicated purely to racing have been added to the existing masts.

All KMS masts are compatible with all Kraken fuselages and plate/tuttle connections.

The Sabfoil catalog doesn't stop there. There's a new line of stabilizers, a new line of Wing foil boards and Kite foil boards (fully produced in the Sabfoil factory), and all the accessories, bags, and covers.

To have more information about Sabfoil products, or about hydrofoiling in general, contact me via email or WhatsApp, or come by the store for a chat!

Compatibility with systems prior to KMS

Masts prior to the KRAKEN era are not compatible with the KMS products family as they have an integrated connection system to the board and are also not compatible with the new KMS fuselages.

Sabfoil front wings and stabilizers produced from 2019 onwards are all compatible with the latest generation of fuselages. For medium-low aspect ratio front wings, it is necessary to widen the holes (we recommend consulting a specialized laboratory).

Fuselages prior to KRAKEN produced since 2019 are also compatible with all currently available front wings and stabilizers. For medium-low aspect ratio front wings, it is necessary to use the KIT HARDWARE ADATTATORI PER VITI DA M6 A M8.

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