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Sabfoil Mast 76 Piuma R8

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The M76P mast is Sabfoil most radical surf mast and comes with R6 standards to ensure minimum weight and maximum flow of the fuselage. Designed for maximum performance in the surfs, but also for downwind, pumping and freeride wing foiling.

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks


  • Recommended for Fast Downwind - Wave - Surf - Sup - Prone Surf - Freeride - Fast Freeride - Downwind
  • Mast-Fuselage Connection: R6

The M76PK mast is Sabfoil most radical surf mast. In this R8 version it is compatible with most popular Sabfoil fuselages for low and medium aspect front wings .

Ultra maneuverable for tow & prone surf, ideal for high performance downwind sup and wing

The result of many hours of prototyping is a mast that will boost your performance to the highest possible level in any field of use.

Designed to minimize the drag while having the best ratio stiffness/torsion/weight in our line, the PIUMA mast is a unique blend of unidirectional, plain and multiaxial high modulus carbon fiber of different weight. The stiffness provided by the high-modulus is combined with an internal, light core. All this, together with a dedicated speed profile, ensures excellent hydrodynamic performance.

Naturally delivered with SAB Pro Finish, and thus hand sanded to achieve a matte surface with 0-thickness graphics, for an elegant Made in Italy product with maximum performance.

To top it off… Titanium. Piuma masts come with titanium components, including bushings and an updated Quick Release System Module, improved not only in materials but also in design to ensure maximum lightness, functionality, and resistance to corrosion and wear.

Dimensions & Advanced specs

  • Mast - Height 740 mm
  • Mast - Thickness A 15,45 mm
  • Mast - Thickness B 14,1 mm
  • Mast - Thickness C 12,5 mm
  • Mast - Chord A 141,06 mm
  • Mast - Chord B 120,89 mm
  • Mast - Chord C 113 mm
  • Mast - Weight (ca.) 1175 g
  • Mast - Material High Modulus Carbon (with core)
  • Mast - Fuselage Connection Type R8

Compatible products

  • Fuselage 1003 T6 KMS
  • Fuselage 603 T6 KMS
  • Fuselage 653 T6 KMS
  • Fuselage 663 T8 KMS
  • Fuselage 703 T8 KMS
  • Fuselage 713 T6 KMS
  • Fuselage 753 T8 KMS
  • Fuselage Red Devil 1000 R8 (KMS)
  • Fuselage Red Devil 1001 R8 (KMS)
  • Mini Tuttle - Kraken Modular System
  • Rail Plate - Kraken Modular System
  • Sabfoil Carbon Rail Plate KMS
  • Sabfoil Deep Tuttle KMS

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