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North Ultimate Carbon Boom Wave

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Maximising stiffness and strength with minimum weight. performing to maximum design potential, with maximum responsiveness and instant feedback, Sizes: 135-185 (2kg)) and 150-200.(2.1kg))

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  • 135-185
    • weight; 2Kg.
    • diameter: 25mm
    • max width with 20cm extesion: 383mm
  • 150-200
    • weight; 2.1Kg.
    • diameter: 25mm
    • max width with 20cm extension: 415mm


  • FEM Optimized Lay-Up
    • The Finite Element Method (FEM) is an optimized fiber lay-up method that analyzes across the boom exactly where and how much material is required for the intended purpose. No excess material is used, only what you need to maximize performance and durability, resulting in a very lightweight boom that feels amazing in the hands, and allows you to drive your sail at the flick of a wrist, with instant response. A unique combination of design, materials & technology.
  • Monocoque Front End
  • Carbon Reinforced Boom Head. Single Piece
    • One of the lightest boom heads on the market. Loads are carried by one single piece, with carbon reinforcement, and distributed evenly across the boom and the mast, making the connection incredibly stiff. Material is only added where loads are applied, thereby reducing weight to the minimum, yet maximizing durability. Over moulded rubber on the mast cuff reduces play on the mast, and creates a unique bond from mast to boom. A unique combination of design, materials & technology.
  • Boom Head Fits All Masts: RDM (With Shim) / MDM or SDM
  • Wave Sail Optimized Boom Curve
    • The outline and width of the Wave booms are optimized for Wave sails. A rounded front section helps with a more ergonomic and efficient stance and makes transitions smoother. The Wave 135 & 150 boom have their own outlines, to customize their fit to the different size sails they are designed for, and work fluidly across the full 50 cm adjustment range. A T300-T800 mix ensures you have the right blend, and just enough flex, allowing the sail to maximize performance, and the body to absorb the jumps and impacts of wave sailing.
  • Variable Diameter Boom Arms
  • Plastic Adjustment Clips & Pins / Fiber Reinforced
    • Plastic fibre reinforced adjustment clips and pins make for a very small, lightweight, and clean size adjustment piece, that is extremely durable. Now your adjustment clips will last just as long as the rest of your boom does, stay clean and corrosion free.
  • Materials
    • Mix T800 & T300 Carbon

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