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North Mode ULTRA

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The Mode Ultra is a high-performance race wing, featuring a new ultra-stiff composite material. Engineered for speed, it ensures stability and control at over 55km/h. Optimized for higher upwind angles, it maintains performance even in lulls.

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  • SIZE 3.5
    • WINGSPAN (CM) 286
    • PSI 10
    • WIND KJNOTS 16-36
  • SIZE 4.2
    • WINGSPAN (CM) 316
    • PSI 9
    • WIND KJNOTS 12-32
  • SIZE 4.8
    • WINGSPAN (CM) 339
    • PSI 9
    • WIND KJNOTS 9-26
  • SIZE 5.5
    • WINGSPAN (CM) 353
    • PSI 8
    • WIND KJNOTS 7-24
  • SIZE 7.0
    • WINGSPAN (CM) 365
    • PSI 10
    • WIND KJNOTS 6-20

Powered by N-Xi          

  • The high-performance canopy material is engineered from two 66% recycled laminate films, sandwiched around UHMWPE fibres laid in the 0 direction and +/- 60-degree direction, making it ultra-stiff in three directions. We’ve orientated the Mode Ultra’s panel layouts to take advantage of these fiber directions. **HANDLE WITH CARE** N-Xi is a performance race wing material which requires more careful handling than a ripstop canopy. While North recommends storing all of our wing canopies by rolling and folding, the Mode Ultra has a specially designed bag to accommodate the rolled wing. No folding of the N-Xi canopy is required.

N-Weave45 Airframe

  • The cross-ply reinforced N-Weave 45 airframe creates a stiffer, lighter rig that holds its shape when under load and has a highly efficient power delivery. The biaxial 45-degree laminate helps to control the torsional stiffness of the airframe. North developed N-Weave, a low-elongation, high tensile strength woven fibre, to help reduce geometric compromise in our inflated structures. N-Weave45 reduces structural deflection and transfers wind energy into greater forward speed. The weight savings translate into greater performance and more efficient power delivery in light air and make the wing easier to handle in all conditions. N-Weave also has very high cut and abrasion resistance. The UPE fibres that makeup N-Weave are known for their resistance to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV and microorganisms. UPE is also known for its durability and toughness. N-Weave 45 Airframe

Carbon UDi Technology

  • North Sails is renowned for using this technology in their podium-proven 3Di race sails. We’ve implemented the same material inside the entire Leading Edge, from tip to tip, to stiffen the Mode Ultra's airframe further.

Efficient high aspect ratio design relative to wing size

  • The 4.2m has the highest aspect ratio, and the ratio lowers with each size until you get to the 6’5, where the wingspan is further reduced to prevent tip drag. The expense of a high aspect ratio is a loss in stability, so we’ve also reduced the aspect ratio on the smallest 3.5m wing to give more stability at the highest true wind speeds, making it more comfortable to ride in gusty conditions.

VMG-optimised design. Pinch higher, reach deeper.

  • The Mode Ultra’s fast, VMG-optimized design enables you to sail closer to the wind, on higher upwind angles, reducing your need to tack or gybe, so you reach the mark as quickly as possible.

Excels at the top of its range

  • We’ve designed this wing so riders can confidently upsize, giving you the surface area required to go fast downwind when the apparent wind speed drops. Getting a flat wing going in light air can be challenging, but once you’ve mastered the pump skills required to get up on foil, the faster you can go. We’ve tuned the larger 6.5m with more profile depth for extra bottom-end performance.



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