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Sabfoil Mast 106 Piuma R6

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The highest of the Piuma masts with R6 fuselage connection. Designed to minimize drag while having the best ratio stiffness/torsion/weight possible. It ensures excellent hydrodynamic performance.

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks



  • High Modulus Carbon (with core)
  • Conn. System: R6
  • Height: 1030 mm

Recommended for

  • Downwind - Fast Downwind - Fast Freeride - Freeride

Mast-Fuselage Connection

  • R6


  • Kraken Modular System


  • High Modulus Carbon (with core)
Dimensions & Advanced specs
  • Mast - Height 1030 mm
  • Mast - Thickness A 16 mm
  • Mast - Thickness B 14,1 mm
  • Mast - Thickness C 12,5 mm
  • Mast - Chord A 144,5 mm
  • Mast - Chord B 120,1 mm
  • Mast - Chord C 113 mm

NOTE: made of high-modulus carbon are super stiff and high-performing, but for that reason, they are also very fragile and susceptible to impacts. FOR THIS REASON, THE PIUMA SERIES IS NOT SUITABLE FOR HARD JUMPS AND FREESTYLE, AND ITS USE FOR THESE KINDS OF ACTIVITIES CAN BE DANGEROUS, AND SO NOT ALLOWED OR COVERED BY WARRANTY

Compatible products

  • Fuselage Piuma 602 T6/R6 F602P
  • Fuselage Piuma 652 T6/R6 F652P
  • Fuselage Piuma 702 T8/R6F 702P
  • Fuselage Red Devil 650 KITE F650RD/KITE
  • Fuselage Red Devil 650 WING F650RD/WING
  • Fuselage Red Devil 650-C54 R6 F650-C54RD
  • Fuselage Red Devil 700-C100 R6 F700-C100RD
  • Mini Tuttle - Kraken Modular System T03K
  • Rail Plate - Kraken Modular SystemP02K
  • Sabfoil Carbon Rail Plate KMS CP02K
  • Sabfoil Carbon Rail Plate with Titanium Inserts CP02K/Ti
  • Sabfoil Deep Tuttle KMS T04K
  • Sabfoil Kraken Quick Release System Q01K
  • Titanium Quick Release System Q02K

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