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Sabfoil Front Wing Red Devil 636

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The Red Devil 636 is a high-performance front wing designed for racing, slalom, and more in general for high-speed in medium wind conditions. The Red Devil 636 is PWA certified, allowing it to be used in official windsurfing competitions.

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks



  • Surface: 550 cm2
  • AR: 7,50
  • Wingspan: 640 mm
  • Volume: 440 cm3

Recommended for

  • High Speed - Race - Slalom - Fast Freeride

Wing-Fuselage Connection

  • R6


  • PWA

This front wing features a unique gullwing design and a racing profile that offers exceptional speed while maintaining a great balance between control and maneuverability. The R6 connection to fuselages minimizes hydrodynamic friction and turbulence, resulting in a fast and smooth experience. Crafted entirely from full carbon fiber (coreless), this front wing is extremely stiff, ensuring maximum performance in every condition.

Dimensioni e specifiche

  • Front Wing - Span: 640 mm
  • Front Wing - Surface: 550 cm2
  • Front Wing - Root Chord: 106,8 mm
  • Front Wing - Aspect Ratio: 7,50
  • Front Wing - Maximum Thickness: 13,2 mm
  • Front Wing - Volume: 440 cm3
  • Front Wing - Weight (ca.): 593 g
  • Front Wing - Material: Full Carbon (coreless)
  • Front Wing - Connection: R6

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