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Exocet Free Wing Air Package

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A complete, ready-to-go wing foiling package suitable for newcomers and experienced recreational wingers.

Features an Exocet Free Wing Air board, Aviator wing, Navigator foil and a leash.

Exocet Free Wing Air board

The Free Wing Air, with its inflatable construction and ample volume, ensures smooth take-offs and excellent stability. The board strikes a balance between stiffness and responsiveness, and its double-layer construction with a long composite plate offers immediate and precise control.

  • 5'8 @ 120L
  • 6'3 @ 150L

Aviator wing

The Aviator wing is a versatile option with an impressive wind range. Perfect for riders seeking a balanced and adaptable wing, it remains stable and responsive whether cruising, wave riding, or getting airborne.

  • 3.5 | 2.81m wingspan, 16-26knots
  • 4.0 | 3m wingspan, 14-22knots
  • 4.6 | 3.22m wingspan, 11-20knots
  • 5.3 | 3.45m wingspan, 10-18knots
  • 6.0 | 3.67m wingspan, 7-14knots

Navigator foil

The Navigator hydrofoil is ideal for beginners and intermediate riders, designed to lift off early even in minimal wind. Its voluminous shape and powerful profile of the front wing ensure a comfortable and safe flight at low speeds.

  • 1600
    • 1600cm2 front wing
    • 94cm front wing span
    • 310cm2 back wing
    • 48cm back wing span
    • 75cm mast
    • 65cm fuselage
  • 2000
    • 2000cm2 front wing
    • 10cm front wing span
    • 310cm2 back wing
    • 48cm back wing span
    • 75cm mast
    • 65cm fuselage

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